The customer’s experience begins long before they enter the store or restaurant. The view from the road, the signage, the entry. And it continues at every step along the way—in the ease of circulation, the accessibility of the merchandise, the quality of the lighting, and dozens of other details. At Withee Malcolm, we work with our clients at each stage of design, whether it’s a stand-alone facility, street-level retail, an inline shop in a center, or an airport kiosk.


Like our clients—developers, retailers, concessionaires—we keep the customer top of mind while focusing on the design criteria. Architecture sets the stage and we plan for a successful experience with layouts that are easy to navigate and support the merchandising program. We understand the value of brand and design to reinforce identity and showcase product at every level from the storefront to the surfaces to storage to security. Zoning and codes vary by jurisdiction and we make sure our designs meet those criteria as well.


A great experience and the resulting sales, don’t just happen, we design for them.