411 Normandie

Located at 4th Street and Normandie Avenue in Koreatown, the seven-story, multifamily residential complex shares a city block with the Korean Methodist Church, an historic structure built in the Normandy architectural style. The distinctly contemporary design of the 224-unit residence artfully adapts architectural elements and materials of the church. The masonry corner quoins are reimagined as glass balconies on the corners of the new building. Linear brick panels ground the facade as it rises in an interplay articulated planes of brick, stucco, and metal cladding, accentuated by the deep recesses of the glass-fronted balconies. Double height windows in the penthouse units crown the building with lantern-like forms.

Los Angeles, CA
411 Normandie LP
Airport Holdings, LP
1.12 Acres
224 Residential
108 du/ac
Type I/Type IIIA