WMA’s Construction Entry Wins International Citywide Competition

Withee Malcolm Architects’ Entry Wins Jurors’ Favorite Award in the Canstruction International Citywide Competition

The Award-winning “Mad Hatter” was created for the Orange County Design/Build Competition. Anthony Corbin, who led the effort and inspired his colleagues to compete, was on hand to pick up the award at the ceremony in Orlando on April 27, 2017. “The experience was such a great way to grow professionally with my fellow co-workers while using our skills as architectural designers to give back and make a difference,” said Corbin.

This was the first year that Withee Malcolm participated in the competition. Responding to the event’s goal of ending hunger, the theme “Fighting Hunger Madders” comes from the Victorian era during which many textile workers, specifically hatters, were exposed to mercury substances used to cure felt. In addition to mercury poisoning, the overworked hatters suffered starvation, which caused illnesses affecting the nervous system. Confused and disturbed, these symptoms are the source for the infamous phrase “mad as a hatter.”

Withee Malcolm’s creation used 6,000 cans of food including multiple varieties of canned fish, some colorful tomato sauce, black-eye peas and over 1,000 tea bags to craft an approximately 9-foot tall Mad Hatter with a striking resemblance to Johnny Depp.

News Withee Malcolm Architects Wins Canstruction International Citywide Competition Award Ceremony